Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Photo Folder

I don't smoke. I don't like smoking. But I love table lighters! I'm going to fill this little baby up and use it for lighting candles. Because it's just so cool.

The tray was an awesome score. Just recently read about another thrifter who found the exact same one! I think it was Mr. Goodwill Hunting. But looking through his archives, I can't find it, so it was probably someone else. Sorry!

The tray will do duty in the craft room. I love using trays to keep my projects separate.

The photo folder now...

This is what I left the house today to find. I saw it the other day and hoped it would still be there. Yay! For a dollar, it's perfect. I am trying to keep a log of makers marks and signatures and classic features of all kinds of vintage stuff. 

This way I'll never let another pair of Dorothy Thorpe candlesticks get away!


  1. Ooh I bet you saw it on a vintage south or my blog! I won it on a giveaway from a vintage south. Don't you just love the handles?!

    Here are my pics of it with my pyrex:

  2. You scored big time! :o) Love your idea for the cigarette lighter too! Like you, I enjoy my candles! I am going thrifting tomorrow and am ready to find my treasures....looking for something to turn into an adorable item to auction off at a function coming up. ack. Gots to get my creative glasses on,know what I mean? :o) Have a wonderful week, Trudy!