Monday, September 24, 2012

Snacks and Ships

All I'm missing is sealing wax!

The snack tower is missing it's top, and I wish I had it. But, I love that, because now I don't feel obliged to sell it and can use it to stack craft supplies.

And I may have to sell the ships. Which makes me sad, because they are heavy and cool...

Although, right now I have some cast iron bunny ones in use that I may have to give my newly pregnant friends! And that means I have to keep the ships for my own book case. Such sadness.

1 comment:

  1. I enjoyed your rationalizing keeping your ships! LOL! If you ever wanted a lid for your snack stackers....have you ever gotten old pan/pot lids and painted them & then put a cute new knob on the top? I like white porcelain ones. I make my own laundry soap & put it in a big ole thriftstore glass vase with a lid I painted red ... fits nicely & is perdy cute! I think it's on my blog somewhere. Anyway...ideas from each other are fun! :o)