Saturday, September 22, 2012

Very Bad Pizza Shop!

We have a nice pizza shop near us. My husband loves all things pizza shop. So he went hanging out with his friends today while I had to work. When I got home, he surprised me with some takeout, so we didn't have to cook.

He got his cheese steak and I got a Chicken Finger BLT. Ya know, chicken fingers, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and honey mustard. No cheese. At all.

Because I have a problem with milk. Or at least my insides do.

But today... Ugh. I picked up my first half, bite in and good. Talking to my husband, stealing some of his french fries, chewing sandwich. I'm halfway through this bit of my sandwich, and I put it down, have some soda and pick at my lettuce. I peel some off to just snack on and it's attached to something stretchy... Um, lettuce isn't stretchy. Neither is honey mustard dressing.

It's provolone.

And I've eaten a good portion of it.

It's like they thought they were making a chicken parmesan, looked back at the ticket and said, oops. Oh well, everything is better with cheese! And sent it out.

If I didn't have a problem, it would have been fine. If I had a true allergy, I'd be at the emergency room. Since I have an intolerance, I expect to be in great pain within the next hour.

Having an intolerance to milk and all it's products is limiting enough. This is very disappointing. And now I feel that I can't trust a good pizza shop anymore.

Oh, and here's the pain. Damn.

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  1. So sorry! UGH. As someone with a severe seafood allergy, I can identify. I hope you feel much better soon!