Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Listen to your Instincts!!!!

I went thrifting last night. It was nothing special, it was Monday. It's what I do. I saw some neat things. Got a couple. Tell you about them later.

I saw something that looked familiar. I picked it up. It wasn't too bad, not my taste, but very striking nonetheless. It had a little damage. And if I'm going to be paying seven dollars for something, I need to know what it is before I buy it.

Please remember this. Seven dollars.

Candle Holder
These are Dorothy Thorpe lucite and silver 'pretzel' candle holders. They are collectible. I put the link to where I got this picture underneath of it.

Because of their very interesting shape, most of these are found with cracks and craze line through the lucite. Some even have chips. They are still collectible.

I found a pair on Ebay in very nice condition that sold a few days ago for $412 dollars.

The ones I did not pick up were actually taller. The silver was tarnished, and one top was a little loose. The resting end of one of them was a little cracked, but the bodies of them were virtually free of damage. There were no scuffs or cracks, or crazes.

They were as good or better than the ones on Ebay.

I did go back. Of course they weren't there.


  1. Bummer that they were gone! The ones in the photos look amazing. It's upsetting when that happens, isn't it? I have a few stories of "the one that got away," too...

  2. That is disappointing. But hey, you can't know everything. Sometimes I am convinced I am passing up something special, but I do it anyway, because, on the flip side, I think I might end up paying too much for a piece of junk! ;)