Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wallets with lots of card slots!

I mentioned that I needed a new wallet. I can never find any with enough card slot.

Of course I found some! Took me a bit over a month, but I did it. And there was more than one, so I had to buy them all. You never know when you'll need another one.

The large open one is a new Vera Wang wallet. It has lots of slots, but is pretty stiff. It's a bit hard to get cards into at the moment. I'll work on it. The white one is a nice vintage, and has many card slots, but still not enough. I suppose I don't really need my library card, or my Best Buy rewards card... But you never know when you'll be out and in need of a shredder.

The black one is my new everyday wallet. It has so many card slots, I almost don't have to double up cards! Funny thing about the stuff in my wallet...I don't have any credit cards. I have a debit card, and a bunch of store rewards cards.

I also won a purse auction! I got a purse from this store. I got this great green purse for only $20.

I don't need it. At all. Really. But I like it!

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