Monday, October 1, 2012

Brand Names

Clockwise, starting at the top, the patterned top in the with the purple embroidery is a Dana Buchman, the brown is a fashion bug vest, the blue gauzy leopard print is Victoria Secret, the sparkly one is Avenue, and the coral colored silk is a Michael Kors.

They are sitting around and in yet another Willow House wire basket.

It's 6th one I've found so far. This one is missing it's top handle. But I always take them off anyway. I think I'll give one to my sister in law. She is making a basket up for a neighbor who's son is sick. Poor kid.

Sorry I was missing for awhile. It's not that I'm not thrifting, it's that I'm cooking more. And sleeping. I need the sleeping!


  1. I need to spend more time thrifting clothing...I'm envious of all your great finds!