Monday, November 7, 2011

Blend it!

I bought a blender! I am working on a paper mache project right now. Yes, as well as wind chimes. I also hold two jobs. I am also doing some embroidery, reading a book and working on some jewelry. I'm a crazy person.

But I digress. The paper mache is going okay, but I want it to have a texture more like paper clay than paper mache. I have had paper soaking for two weeks and it still hasn't reached the level of dissolution that I am reaching for. Adding the soaked paper and water to a blender should certainly fix that problem. I'll just run it through a strainer later. But I had to get a new, or rather used blender for this, because I am not using my smoothie blender for newspaper. Eugh, newsprint flavored yogurt.

My husband has been experimenting in stained glass. These are not things he has made. I bought them for him to use as patterns. How easy would the christmas tree be? And it's so cute! And that iris is just lovely. Maybe he could make me a garden for my front window. Good since I have bad luck with plants.

I have never had a set of colored lights in my life. My mother didn't believe in them. I have a tiny two and a half foot tall tree that goes in one of my window wells. It's has lights on it already, but I think I'll throw this string up too. I just want to try it one year and see if I like it. I always feel my tree is missing something.

Besides height.

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