Thursday, November 10, 2011


I love tea. I love the texture, the smells, the different flavors created from little leaves. I love the complex flavors, the subtle-ness that can be achieved. It's my beverage of choice.

I have a problem with teapots. I think they are beautiful! I can't get enough of how interesting they are. They can be all different shapes and textures and materials.... But it's not something I can put in a cup and drink. And I don't actually like to put tea in them. I prefer to make each cup of tea separately. So my husband told me I wasn't allowed to buy any more teapots. I have about 4 of them already, which isn't a lot, but they are bulky.

So I think I'll hide it for awhile.
And OMG! Piggy! He is so tiny, I love him so. His nostrils are actually holes and he has a little plug in his tummy, so I think he is a salt and pepper shaker. Unfortunately I only found one. But he is just so cute I don't think I care too much.

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