Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cream and Sugar anyone?

I love Corelle as you know. Butterfly Gold in specific. I have a sugar bowl in spring garden green already, but I couldn't break up this set. I never see the oil and vinegar bottles! As my parent's have an oil and vinegar shop now, I thought they would be perfect for displaying behind the register. Although, I may just keep these for myself.

I love glass! You can do so much with it. Press it in to shapes, blow it and make it hollow, spin it, fuse it, carve it...and make really cool bowls with it.

Yes, I have a problem. I know. One of many. But this bowl is awesome. And the hilarity is that it matches my counters perfectly.
It actually is blue. One of those bowls with such a delicate tint. It probably isn't high quality or anything because the seams where it was all pressed together are so prominent. But I think it's pretty.

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