Sunday, October 9, 2011

Brand Names

I always find things I like. Sometimes they are a brand, like the Southern Living, sometimes they aren't. And sometimes I just get really lucky. Longaberger.

Its a discontinued style of course. But my friend will probably kill me if I don't give it to her. Or I may save it for our girl's only pollyanna at christmas time. It will give her a shot at it anyway.

The bunny is a set of 2 cast iron bookends from Pottery Barn with their UPC code still on. The mini colander is going towards my wind chime project. I love the colors in the box. I have a silver winter theme box as a decoration right now, i'm going to save this box for next summer to replace it. The candle holder is interesting. The top cap should make cheap pillar candles burn more regularly. I look forward to trying that out.

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