Friday, October 7, 2011

Mary Todd

Abraham Lincoln was one heck of a president. From illiterate backwoodsman to lawyer to president. And of course the assassination makes him even more compelling. What else could he have accomplished in his lifetime? What makes him even more interesting is his apparent sense of humor and his relationship with his wife. Mary Todd Lincoln. I found a biography on their marriage. It looks wonderful. Filled with all the personal details history class seems compelled to leave out.

My husband has started working with stained glass. I thought the bird would be a good inspiration for him. And I love the pattern on that scarf! I might use it as a table runner or something just so I get to see it all the time.

As you know I love glassware, so the sandwich glass teacup has an appointment with it's fate as a tea light holder. Until I get full sets of things they get to be candle holders. I don't care if they are all different colors, I would prefer it if they were. But one sandwich glass teacup, some corelle and ceramic mugs just do not stack well in a cabinet. I drink from the ceramics, use the corelle as prep bowls and baking cups and the rest of the miscellany get to hold candles.

The brass mug on the other hand....not sure what to do with that yet. But I've never seen a mug like it before. And that's my gold standard for thrifting.

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