Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Polar chills

It's cold. It is 55 degrees outside and that is not bad. But it was 86 degrees one day last week, and that makes 55 seem frigid. I found this polar bear today and brought him home. It seemed appropriate in the circumstances.

I went to a baby shower this past Saturday. It was a big success. All those onesies I bought were a hit. I even found some Beatrix Potter character snow globes to sweeten the pot. She hasn't found out if it's a boy or a girl, so she's using a woodlands theme for the nursery and they fit right in.

So I have just made myself my first official cup of tea for fall. I've had hot tea a couple times over the summer, but this is my official first cup. Mmmm. Tea. The first cup of thousands. Many will be augmented with a dollop or two of schnapps. I find that hazelnut works wonderfully in black tea. So seasonal, so warm...

I'm going to go put hazelnut schnapps on my grocery list right now.

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