Friday, October 14, 2011

Thank you Pinterest!

I use Pinterest quite often. Like the crazy person that I am, I can spend hours and hours looking at pictures of food i'll never make and things i'll never buy. I have made some recipes I found there. Some were so-so. A couple were amazing. I saw this picture there.

Aren't they pretty? They are from Pottery Barn. A set of 6 will set you back $36 dollars. For glasses. That's crazy. My first thought on seeing these however was, "DAMN! I saw two of these at the thrift store last week and didn't pick them up!" You can buy it as a set of 6, or you can get a six piece assortment with two of those, and a couple other styles of glasses too. Next time I go out I may have to check and see if those other styles are there. Maybe a whole set was donated.

So I went back to the Thrift store this morning and guess what? They were still there! Whoot!

I left a dollar poorer and thrift richer.

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