Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Making up for lost sales

A few weeks ago, I was sick. I mean really sick. I didn't move for about 4 days. It happened to be over a weekend, which is always worse. But even worse than that, I had been looking forward to that weekend for a month. It was the weekend of Church Rummage Sales.

Oh sadness! There were 3 that weekend and I missed them all. I wasn't mad about missing 3 days of work, I wasn't mad about being able to eat only crackers for a week. I was mad I missed the rummage sales.

So imagine how pumped I was to see a sign for a rummage sale this past weekend! I saw the sign on Thursday and started planning. 'Cause, if it opened at 8am and has only limited parking...I'd better get there early.... right? A sale that was $5 a BAG should be quite an event, right?

Not so much. I had lots of stuff to do that Saturday. A car to take to a service center, groceries to get... I got there at 11am. I was worried that all the good stuff might be gone. If there ever was any good stuff, it must have been gone by 8:30. There were two rooms filled with baby toys and board games and kinda dirty clothes. It was a bust.

I got the mini chair for my mother. She has this whole collection hanging on a wall in the tv room. I got the fat green ashtray for my friend who is looking for ashtrays that will fit a cigar.

I was looking forward to an hour or so pawing through crazy things piled together in a dingy church basement. After such disapointment, I drove home. And hit every yard sale along the way. I got to around 8 of them.

I ended up with another ashtray for my friend, a sun-catcher, and a set of green jars (one side with a sunflower and the other side with a daisy) from one sale. I got some costume jewelry from some one else. I found those cute jars, one says Pint, the other says Full 1/2 Pint from a guy who had to thin his collection of jars because he and his wife were downsizing their home. The same sale also had the chicken basket. The chicken is sitting on top of my kitchen cabinets, right next to the larger one I found a couple months ago.

My favorite thing is actually the little brown enamelware spoon. I've been taking it to work with me to eat my Overnight Oats with. It cleans up really well with our limited dish-washing facilities.

Oh, and the Pyrex dish? I know I said that they are silly. I know I said I didn't like them. I know that they are too big to store in any convenient way. But man oh man, I am a sucker for Butterfly Gold.

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