Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Will Power

I was not going to go to the thrift store today. I wasn't! I wasn't even going to go this week. I don't need anything, I can't afford anything.

So there I go driving around town. I was going to price some books and get a nice iced coffee from crazybucks while I was out. That was all! How did I end up with all this stuff?!

I tell myself that I'm glad I went, because I could have missed these cool things... but if I hadn't gone, I never would have known about them in the first place. Circular logic makes my head hurt.

But I am glad. The stuff is cool.

The recipe box and latching tin canisters are going in my kitchen, the curtains will probably go in the living room, but I need to find a nice window scarf to go on top of them first. The pierced tin will get framed and stuck in the kitchen too. The bowl is Pyrex, but it's a perfect size for baked crab or taco dip.

My parents are opening up a store, so the grape things are for them. The earthen-ware jar is all mine though. And the salt and pepper shakers. I saw someone on Etsy turn them into wire picture holders. If I succeed, I'll post them. The purple blob is a pretty blown glass flower...not just a purple blob. I promise.

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