Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Good god. MORE Corelle?!

So my husband went to get a plate the other day and shouted, "What is all this?!"

All this is my treasure trove of Corelle.

I read on blog after blog about people's obsession with the patterned Pyrex. But I prefer the dishware, instead of the compatibles. Pyrex takes up too much room! And the prices that people seem to be willing to pay? Sheesh! I passed over 2 nice looking dishes today that some of these bloggers would pant over. They didn't have their lids, but at a price of only 1.97 each, I don't think the collectors would complain. I've been tempted to buy them and others like them and resell them online for an enormous profit.

I have 5 Butterfly Gold dinner plates and 1 dessert plates. 4 dessert plates in Peach Garland. 7 hook cups and saucers in Butterfly Gold. 7 hook cups in Spring Garden Green. Also, a large serving bowl in that pattern. And 3 hook cups in Old Town Blue. Oh, and 1 hook cup in Winter Frost White.

The dishware is much easier to stack and store and my husband is not really a fan of the casserole, so I can't really use the Pyrex very much. I know that this is not really cause to have 18 hook cups.....but.....

I acknowledge I have a hook-cup-addiction.

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