Sunday, June 19, 2011

lonely little brown vessel

I found a little brown jar at the store this week. I looked around the store and thought that the whole trip was going to be a waste. I needed some lightweight work pants and couldn't find anything good.

I looked through the books. I found a copy of Starship Troopers that came home with me. Heinlein is not my favorite writer. Actually, I kind of hate his books. Or at least when he writes about sex. But I do like the movie that was made from the book and I want to see how closely it follows the book. Looks like this is one case where I will like the book less than the movie.

On my way out, with just a book in hand I wasn't sure I would like, I came across something out of place. A lonely little brown jar. Someone had moved it away from all it's glass fellows, into the framed art section. It was sitting in a bin next to a picture of horrible kittens. I held it to the light and it was wonderful! It looks very lovely sitting in my window and catching the sun.

Maybe it isn't so lonely anymore.

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