Monday, October 8, 2012

Working on Shoes

I love the end of a season when they toss great items on sale for peanuts!

It's pretty hard to find size 11 shoes at the regular stores. Finding them at the thrift store is amazing. These two pairs of sandals are just great. The white and yellow are so amazingly comfy, and the yellow is real suede. While yellow and white are truly not my colors, the comfy-iness more than makes up for it.

Now the tan ones... Ugh. Simple lines. They fit. Those are the best things I can say about them. The cushioning is lacking and I really hate beige.

Wait, why did I buy them again?

Because I also scored, but forgot to photograph, a set of nice cushioned insoles. And I keep browsing through Pinterest looking at shoe make-overs. So, clean lines, good fit, cushion problem fixed. I have glitter, modge podge, tissue paper, and lots of books. I think I can rock these next year in a much more amazing style.

Oh, and I may dye the leather on the yellow sandals. Who knows? Maybe royal blue?

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  1. Oh my gosh, what a pain. I have size 11 too! Plus, I don't wear leather, which makes it extremely difficult. Sometimes I just grab shoes because they fit and they're on sale!