Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Madame Alexander

I found these little Madame Alexander cuties right in time for Halloween. They are only about 5inches tall. But I have the Mad Hatter sitting with my Alice books and the Scarecrow sitting a few shelves away next to the Oz series.

I may end up selling them, but right now I'm going to use them for decoration and go with it.

How is your decorating going?


  1. That right there is the fun of thrifting. Use for awhile and then sell. Cute dolls!

  2. Are those the dolls that McDonald's used to give away? I had a collection of some of them for awhile and really enjoyed them! They were in my henhouse [craft room] sitting all over the place, then as I kept adding treasures up there, I decided to remove some things & my collection of them got donated back to a thriftstore for someone else to enjoy. NOW I wish I had them back after seeing your little cuties! :o) ack!

  3. Thanks Sandy! Looks like they are from McDs. Now I know where to find more.