Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I really love the shape of these plate and cup sets. If I had a house, they would definitely be mine! Especially for $2 each. But I have no place for them now. Or even decor ideas at the moment. I am sure I will think of a reason I need them later. But I can't think of it now.

I love Pyrex, but i'm not a really big collector. I like Corelle dish-ware mostly. If I was able to entertain more, I certainly would have picked up these 3 Pyrex pitcher/coffee pots. I especially like the middle one. I would love to hold a brunch and have a coffee bar... But I'm not going to. So I left them there for someone else who will really be able to use them.

And hold the phone! Look at the size of this lamp! And a velvet shade? I wish I had a swanky bachelor pad to stick this in. There was another regular at the Goodwill at the time I saw this and he took it home with him.

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