Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fall is Magical, Socks are not

Fall is a wonderful time. I love the cooler days, the changing leaves, the reintroduction of socks,  sweaters to my wardrobe.

Because I refuse to wear socks.

Not to say that I don't have them. I love socks. I have dozens of pairs. All different, all quirky. I love them all. My christmas wish every year is for a pair of really cool socks. But...

I am not a person who wants to curl up with some cozy socks. Unless it's twenty degrees outside, and even then I have been known to get the mail or take out the trash barefoot. I like being warm when it's cold. As long as it's not my feet that are warm!

And for the love of god, please stop installing radiant floor heating in kitchens! I'm standing over a hot stove, burning myself on the oven and generally trying to do too many things at once. I get overheated, I really need my feet on something cool. And in bathrooms? NOOOO! The cool tiles help wake me up in the morning!

So I am pledging this year to wear no socks until late October. My feet shall remain free! Free I tell you! Free! MUWAHAHAHAHAHA!*

*ahem, sanity will resume when my feet cool down. My husband asked me to buy him some wool socks today and I just couldn't handle it. Also, thank you to Tumblr for the nice image.

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  1. hehehehehe you are the complete opposite of me... i never wear socks at all! except in the coldest nights ;) and i have to remedy the fact that i don't own a single pair of quirky socks :(