Sunday, June 10, 2012

Spotted: Amazing new project!

I have a Facebook account. Of course. My mother even has a Facebook account. She can't use it...but she does have one. So I see a lot of ads. Most of them are for nothing I want to see. But one popped up for Hometalk, and I decided to find out what was there.

I went to their website to find out more before I just liked them. Oh man! So cool. It's like a page of people who have made Pinterest projects and want to show them to you.

This woman made some seriously cool flowers!

And I love this woman's new fence.

The fence reminds me of the movie Monster's Inc. I am a big fan of movie titles and this movie had the most fantastic titles I've seen in a long time. This fence is just like that. 

I may make the flowers. I don't have a yard to make the doors.


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  2. I love this fence! Its unique and colorful design reflects the resourcefulness and lively personality of its owner. Using a variety of doors to build a fence is an absolutely brilliant idea! I’m just curious: where did the owner get these doors? Are they old and recycled, or did the owner buy them from a home builder’s shop?

    Christian Renwick