Monday, June 11, 2012

Rachel Ray and the owl

That is a Rachael Ray EVOO dispenser bottle. I was so happy to pay only two dollars for it! Especially since is sells for seventeen retail.  Since I also have the Rachael Ray pan set, this fits in to my kitchen very well.

The owl doesn't fit into my kitchen. But that's okay. I think he's beautiful. He's a vase and I think I'm going to put all my daisies in him.

I only like fake flowers, because real ones die and smell amazingly like dead people. My husband knows this and buys me silk ones instead. He's a sweetie. But I think all my pretty daisies will look lovely here.


  1. ha! --> smell amazingly like dead people.

    that is too funny. i like neither real nor silk so my husband buys me cool vintage stuff instead! =) love the r.r. dispenser too.

  2. a rachel ray dispenser now thats a find :)