Sunday, April 1, 2012

Using thrift

You may recognize the Corelle plate from here. I figured I'd show you some of what I do with my thrift-finds.

They get used!

My husband went to a Bachelor Party last night. He had a good time, but he doesn't recover as fast as he used to. So I made him breakfast in bed. Then I made him go back to sleep. I'll wake him when it's time for dinner.

I found the tray some months ago. I use it mostly for holding craft supplies when I try to craft on the couch. (Which is always a bad idea)

The glass is something I made! Or at least re-purposed. It used to be a wine bottle. Yeah, I'm into that too. That's what all those candlesticks have been for lately. 

It is also our sortof anniversary. We had our first date on April 1st. So he deserved breakfast for that too.

Happy April Fools Day everyone!

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  1. Love the tray! You are a much nicer wife than I ever was. ;)