Saturday, March 10, 2012

Organizing my Jewels

This is the first time I've ever laid out all my necklaces. When did I get so many?! How am I supposed to organize that?

But yes. I really do wear most of them. And I really need to organize them somehow.

This is the way I will do that!

My friend and neighbor is a photographer. She does amazing work and has won a bunch of awards, but she has a basement that floods and needs a better system for keeping her frames off the floor down there. Her loss is my gain in this case. This is a big solid frame. A little warped, so not picture appropriate. But good for what I'm doing. 

All this stuff is going in the frame. The cloth is going to cover the boards. The foam will go behind that. And the hooks come out the front. I think it's going to look beautiful. Don't worry, I'll let you see the finished product.

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