Saturday, March 3, 2012

Games anyone?

I was driving through some neighborhoods today. It was lovely and warm and I had my windows down, the better to enjoy the sunshine and birdsong. What to my wondering eyes should appear but a sign for a yard sale.


It was mostly kids stuff. Baby clothes and toys. All that plastic playschool stuff that was faded from the sun that no one wants. I usually just drive on by when confronted with a sale like that. But what the heck. It's 'spring-time.'

So I browsed. And found.

Dominoes in a badly crushed case, but I can craft with them, so who needs a tin case? And the watchmaker's tins. Lovely. No idea what to use them for yet, but I'll find a reason.

The Chinese bag was another cute little purchase. I can't resist a nice bag. I also thought it was perfect to hold the bag of vintage marbles I picked up.

I am always a sucker for marbles. These will make their way into a nice clear glass jar on my bookcase.

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