Monday, March 5, 2012


I was browsing around the thrift store the other day. It was pretty crowded. It's open Tuesday to Saturday and because it was a Tuesday, I wasn't even going to go. There is such limited parking, it's pretty hard to find a spot. But I drove by and luck was with me.

I picked up some nice things, put them back down again. Looked over at where they usually have insulators, picked one up, it was chipped. I turned around around. The crowd parted.

And I almost fell on my face.


I've been seeing these things around the blogosphere lately and thought that it would be so cool if I ever found any. I did not hold out any hope.

I was wrong.

The larger bowl has a chip on the outside and one on the inside as well. But I don't really care.

So beautiful.


  1. Nice! Cathrineholm is so beautiful but rarely at the thrifts around here. Great find!

  2. OMG. Three pieces! So exciting, I have only seen one in the wild.