Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bracelet Tree

In January, I bought this cup tree. Now it's much more awesome. It has bracelets on it.

And this thing is a fingertip towel holder. I worked at a Linens and Things once. Believe me, that's what it is.

You are supposed to put this on your bathroom counter top and hang little guest towels on it. Call me crazy, but since I worked there almost 10 years ago, I've wanted one of these things to hold my bracelets. But who can spend fifteen to twenty bucks on a piece of metal to hold jewelry. Who can spend it so it can hold towels?!

Two dollars is much more reasonable. And I was right. It does work pretty well.


  1. Hey that holder does work pretty well! Unfortunately I have moved past the point where all my bracelets would find on it. Ha!

  2. I also have a third one, but it's not new. How do you store your collection?