Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Giving yourself a hand

I am very proud of my treasures. The ones that I buy, the ones that I create and the life that my husband and I have made together. We are crafty people. But while he gains his inspiration musically and from media, I gather my ideas from stuff.

The stuff is a problem. I have a lot of stuff. My side of the craft room is filled with stuff. Some things I don't have a use for yet. Some things I have room for, but not in their finished states. I have crafted coffee filter flowers. They are beautiful and fun, and everyone loves them. But what could I do with them once I finish them? I don't have a store. I don't go to craft fairs right now, where do I put them until then? And will I end up having to dust them before I go?

At lease the supplies stack flat. 

And at lease the china stacks as well. Once cut up, it also takes up a lot less room.

The poppy creamer will retain it's form, and so will the cup with the red handle. One more blue one and I'll have a whole set.

The little bowl the hand is sitting on is destined to be a bracelet. The 3 pins are best put to use on my spring coat.

But the hand.

The hand is a reminder of how much we have. How much we have together. And how we should approach our crafting and our lives. With love.

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