Friday, February 17, 2012


I am a sucker for Foo dogs. This pretty little one has flaws(don't we all) but I picked him up anyway. One of his fangs has been chipped off and there is a fracture line on his nose that is a little sharp. But I have some glass tools and some sandpaper for just this sort of thing. He may still only have one fang, but the fracture line will be smooth and as invisible as I can make it.

The little stacking bins are going to go somewhere. I think they'll look nice on my dry sink in the craft room, but my husband is keeping a stack of books there right now. And I want him to keep reading.

The bird and the tin box are going to go in the craft room too. I have some buttons that need keeping.

And it is getting colder, not that the weather channel says so yet. But it will be time for mittens soon enough. These ones are lined with fleece, so that when it gets cold, I'll be ready.

The mushrooms. I have to hide the mushrooms. I have a little mushroom jar on the bookcase in the hall. And a little glass mushroom on the hutch in the craft room. And my husband came with me to the thrift store the other day and restrained me from buying a whole mushroom kitchen set. But only the flour canister was there. They had the sugar pot and creamer, both salt and pepper shakers and the napkin holder. But only one out of the four containers. So I suppose it was for the best.

But now he knows how much I like mushrooms. So I'd better not let him see these just yet.

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