Sunday, February 19, 2012

Shoes, nay, booties!

I have a hard time finding shoes. I have some foot issues that I deal with. I injured the base of my big toe on the right side. It was painful to walk on for a good six months. It still gives me trouble.

I also have big feet. Not as big as some, only an 11, but still bigger than most stores carry. Target does a good job, but their shoes are pretty cheaply made, but you get what you pay for. 

The biggest problem for me is the arch support. When they make the shoes larger, they don't adjust the placement of the arch. They just take a regular size 6 or something and add more length onto the heel. It's a proportion issue.

But these are not bad. I splurged and spent $9 on them. Since my foot injury, it pains me to spend more than half an hour in heels, but I'll wear them when we go to dinner or something. Someplace where I'll mostly be sitting down. And then I get a foot rub later. It's worth it.

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