Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Missing Bingo

Yes, I go to bingo. No, I am not 80.

One of my favorite organizations in the area is a charity group called  FACT. It is an aids group. They are such spirited and fun and generous people. They hold various events during the year, but the highlights are the bingo's.

They are themed and you are encouraged to dress up. My profile picture is actually from a bingo. The I Love Lucy one from last year or so. You are also encouraged to bring alcohol. Let me tell you, bingo is a completely different experience when you are drinking, wearing a costume and watching a drag queen perform.

But this time, I will be missing bingo. I happen to work until 7pm Tonight and can't get there until around 8 or 8:30. So I will be missing bingo.

It's Sweetheart Bingo this time, and this is what I would have worn:

It's a Marilyn-style halter. And these earrings are my favorite holiday earrings. I am such a Peanuts fan, these are perfect. Everything in the pictures was thrifted except the ring and earrings, but they were on sale. So I feel better about it.

I will miss everyone. I hope they have fun without me! (Very sure they will.)

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