Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I mentioned to my husband yesterday that I was going to get some styrofoam for decorations. We took down the Christmas decor and it's just too damn early for the Valentines Day things. I'll put that up the last week of January. And it can share space with the snowmen I have left around.

So what did I find today at the thrift store? Styrofoam balls. 8 little ones and 6 big ones. That fills up my large bowl and another small one too.  

The long bit of slate will be painted or something and the little embroidery hoops are going to get some permanent embroidered art in the near future. I'm thinking cheerful narwhal.

And I picked up a whole bunch of really nice big band CDs and a Nirvana Unplugged album for my husband. I hope he doesn't already have it.

I also grabbed the little Southern Living/Willow House wire catch-all container. I have quite a few already. Around four of the little buggers.

Also picked up what I think is a Fostoria milk glass top hat bowl. As I browse around the milk glass blogs, people seem to think they are valuable. But I keep finding them at thrift stores. I am trying to get a bin together to go to the flea market next year. So I might as well start gathering some things that are getting some buzz.

But the killer is the cross stitch hoop! It's a rattan grid hoop, and while I love embroidery, I'm not big with the cross stitch thing. I might do a little, but that won't interfere with the use I'm putting it to. It's going to be an earring holder. It's gonna be so cool.

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