Monday, December 19, 2011

Other uses for my dutch oven

The last thing I posted about was this beautiful dutch oven I bought. I haven't posted any new things for a few days, because I've been Christmas shopping instead of Thrifting. And baking instead of dealing.

For a pollyanna exchange I was involved in this past weekend, I made my friend a gnome. Okay. I took a bendi doll and made him some clothes and a hat and a beard. But when I went to dress him, his 'skin' was the same snowy white as his beard. So he needed to get a bath.

Here he is hot tubbin in some nice black tea. It's not like it's the most appealing thing to bathe in, but if I could get a tan in that way, I'd take a bath in tea in an instant.

He's finished, but more pictures later!

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