Friday, October 21, 2011

I can make magic!

As a former barista, I often crave a perfect cup of coffee. Ya know, the one I used to make for myself with the professional equipment?

I am usually disappointed. I love a good espresso. The color, the scent. The perfect crema to crown it. I once made a customer the most perfect cappuccino. It was all light and beautiful creamy foam and a perfect shot of espresso. He looked at it and frowned...where was all the milk? A cappuccino is supposed to be all foam with espresso. A latte is steamed milk with a little foam and espresso. What he really wanted was a latte. I could have cried. It was a beautiful drink and I had to remake it.

But I love to drink a good espresso. That good old Starbucks magic. I would love to be able to get my drinks from any other store, but I am lactose-intolerant. I need soymilk and Starbucks is the only place that has it. So I have been looking for a good home use espresso machine. I read all the reviews. I stared saving money so maybe I could get a professional one. But I just don't have the space. So I used the cash to buy heating oil instead.

The problem with home espresso machines is not the espresso part. It is the steam wand. A proper steam wand needs to be long enough to reach down the to the bottom of your can of milk. It needs to have the power to not only create foam, but to actually steam heat the milk itself. The wands that they usually come with are short stubby things with plastic tips that clog and make a lot of noise for nothing. They make some bubbles and make some people happy. But not me.

But look what I made tonight!

That is a hot foamy soy latte that I made in my kitchen.

I found a machine at the church thrift store. It was not bad. At first I didn't look twice at it. Then I glanced back because something about it was different.

The wand. It was long. A good three or four inches of length. Not as movable as I would like perhaps....

But for only ten dollars I have gotten a magic machine. I need to get some accessory parts still. A thermometer, a metal jug for steaming. The wand should ideally rotate up so that you can easily remove the milk jar from underneath it. But I am thinking that I could just as easily mount it on a stand. Which would make it perfect.

It's not the perfect cup yet. But it is closer. It is late and I'm caffeinated. YAY!

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