Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Santas or Fat Bearded Men?

I know they are Santas....but they are so cute I may put them out early. But right now is too early. But these guys will probably be the first out of the christmas drawer.

Yes, that is a very full suitcase. I have already taken the stars apart to use as bookcase decor. They stand up better when they are flat on one side. They fit right in next to the Xanth books. And I had to pick up the jar. I always need to pick up a jar.

The glass string that didn't show up well is a bunch of nesting, tinkling bells. Very pretty. The other bell is crazy. The handle fits right in you hand so you can whang it back and forth fairly hard. Must have been a school bell. I'm not sure who the little man is, but he reminds me Ichabod Crane. I know he doesn't look so much like it, but I think it's the long limbs. He looks nice nestled next to my Closet monster and mummy man.

And the suitcase. Isn't it a beauty. I'll have to see if I can find some keys though. Then it would be much more useful.

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