Thursday, October 20, 2011


I have a thing for containers. All types. Especially glass containers. Like this little bitty glass jar. It's just too small to be a sugar jar. I wonder what it originally held. And the fabric covered box? It was empty when I got it. Looks about the size to have once held a sake set. But then it should have been more contoured on the inside. So no idea.

Oh that bowl. It looks perfect next to the other little ruffly bowl I got not too long ago. And the basket is awesome. I love that the handle actually comes off completely. I may use it to package a gift this christmas. Or I may keep it.
I have the best intentions when I buy things. I think it will be perfect for someone, so I pick it up. But everyone is usually skittish about thrifted things. My husband has mostly gotten over it. Although he gets creeped out by thrifted dish and glassware. So mostly I don't bother anymore.

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