Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Witch is In

Our apartment is in a very old building with very old wires. We are out in the middle of a couple quarries and some farms. When we lose power, it gets dark! Our last apartment was funny. We would lose power, but the building across the street wouldn't. It was kinda weird.

So whenever we lose power, we break out the candles. A lot of candles. But it doesn't really help much. It's still pretty dark. Not bright enough to read by anyway. So this bitty oil lamp is gonna make me so happy!

The hearts are going to make cute earrings and necklaces. And the oil jar is good for my parents. As is the one below. The strawberry can is the cutest thing ever. And the lockets. I love lockets.

I like to think of the story behind them. Who wore it, where did they wear it to, what pictures were inside of them? I suppose the stories aren't very good, they are only cheap lockets.

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