Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Books of the Black Current

I know I shop a lot. I should probably stop sometime. But it won't be this week. I can't stop when the stuff is soooo good.

I love this old glass tray. I may turn it into a picture frame. Or put it onto my hall table with stuff on it....I love the silverware I just picked up. I wish I had been able to leave the patina on it, but some nut at the thrift store decided to write the price on them with a sharpie. It's like when they staple the price tag directly on the tag right over the size. I mean, am I supposed to guess?

I am making a cake tomorrow. I saw a nice springform pan for $8 at the Salvation Army store the other day. It was a Wilton and everything. I couldn't do it. I would rather use a disposable pan than pay that much for a pan. But I did need one. So I went to a Goodwill store I know that has very good cookware and found this one, which is just as good, for a dollar. And I have a mug like this already in orange! I'm using that one to hold hair pins on my dresser. This one will go next to it and probably hold change. I love beautiful teacups, but I am always too nervous to actually drink tea from them. If I use them for storage at least I get to see them every day.

The knife is for a friend. Yes, that sounds weird. I know. She asked me to look out for Henckels knives. And there one was.

And by now I'm sure you noticed I have a thing for ties? Yes I did get more. I am saving them for a project but I haven't gotten started on it yet. So the ties just keep piling up...

The belts are for a project as well. I have a purse that lost it's handles. I saw this amazing braided leather at Joann's that I was drooling over, but at ten dollars a yard it was just not happening. If I get a 60% off coupon in the mail, it will still cost more than my $3 matching braided leather belts.

And the book. Wow. I read that back in middle school. I found it at a thrift store. Go figure. I haven't read it in over ten years, but I remember it being astounding. I can't wait to read it again.

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