Monday, September 12, 2011

Blue day

So this week has been filled mostly with rain. Hurricanes, tropical storms, and just general rain. Our basement still has some water in it, but we don't keep anything down there anyway. So it has been very blue on the whole.

Lucky for me I knew how to beat the blues by visiting a couple stores and spending less than ten dollars today. Mister Holmes is in my bookcase right now looking over all my Sherlock books. I seriously have around 10 different copies and editions. Although, it may be more than that. I haven't ever gathered them all into one place. And aren't those mini bottles beautiful? If all the awesome glass I found was this size, my husband would be so much happier.

Old Town Blue! Ah, Old Town Blue. I love the Corelle platters. I have a Butterfly Gold one already of course. But I do love them. The little chickens are just so cute. I have a corner cabinet that just needs them.

I know the cabinet doesn't really need them. But they're pretty. And that makes the cabinet need them.

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