Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pith Helmet

You see what I find when I go to the store on an unusual day? An insulator. An INSULATOR! how often are you lucky enough to find these at thrift stores? Maybe a yard sale, but not a thrift store. And a blue one too. Very awesome. I also scored some nice goblets. The blue one is really beautiful. I also picked up some very small and fragile cordial glasses. I have a decanter in that shade, so that makes a nice set now.

We also had an episode with ants getting into our kitchen recently. The holes are all plugged up now, but there were some wild and crazy days of shooting ant spray at our island...which got all over my sugar canister. So I have been in need of a new one. And as the ants are all gone now, a ceramic pot is actually safe for it. The creamer and mini tea cup shaped candle holder are making their way into a wind chime soon. The big yellow tray is metal and awesome. The leather bag is great for my lunch.

And yes. That is a pith helmet. It goes with the biography of Dr. Livingstone of course!

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