Thursday, November 1, 2012

Glass Globes for Gardens!

I am going to use this globe in next year's garden. I am running electric to the garden around the big tree in the back. I want to hang some lights there so with this little beauty I'm going to extend a little line down to it and run some twinkle lights inside.

Or I may just pop a solar garden stake light inside.

They tumblers are cute, I'll have to look up their history and figure out what to do with them. The cloth pile is pillow cases. I keep needing more. I buy king fitted sheets, because we have a big fluffy down pad on top of our mattress and our queen sheets keep popping off. They just don't seem to have deep pocket queen sheets. But since all I need is the fitted sheet, I toss a couple blankets on top (it is going down to 44 tonight) and call the bed made! -But I am short a few pillowcases

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