Friday, October 5, 2012

M*A*S*H and Jamie Wyeth

I really love MASH. It's probably my favorite series of all time. My husband and I only have one dissagreement about it. I like BJ Honeycutt better and he likes Trapper John.

I didn't buy this plate because (a) what would I do with it? (b) it was ten dollars. (c) it was done after Radar-my fav- was gone.

Do you think I should have gotten it anyway?

This is something I did get. He is hanging on my wall right now. It is Jamie Wyeth's 'Portrait of a Pig'

I know that the original is quite huge and I read that they original is currently at the Brandywine River Museum. If you are a Wyeth fan and in PA, I suggest you go. If you are in Maine, go to the Farnsworth Museum.

Long ago, my grandmother went to the Farnsworth Museum. There she saw this picture in person. It is a very large painting of a very large pig. She said to my aunt, 'Its nice, but why a pig?' A gentleman standing nearby told her it was because he loved the pig and thought someone should paint everyday things too.

She found out later that that man was Jamie Wyeth.

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  1. What a great story! You must put that on the back of the picture. You made my day.