Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I was a little bored today. I needed a little half hour project.

It took about 4 hours.

I needed some more magnets. Much to my mother's dismay, she is not a grandmother. But my fridge is filled with children's artwork and school pictures anyway. My friend's babies are there, my cousin's kids. My friend's new grandchild. And of course, my nieces and nephews.

But all the art is overpowering the little magnets I have. So I had this package of magnets...

I started searching for doodads. I found one. I found a whole bunch of stuff that I needed to sort through. I sat on the floor surrounded by all the stuff I had removed from my craft table. I sorted, I started reading a book I found in the pile. I realized that my glue bottle had a hole in it and the whole thing was a solid block.

I went to the craft store. I stopped in 2 thrift stores on the way. *nothing there, just a quick visit.

I finally got home, stuffed the rest of the unsorted crap back into what ever hell hole it came out of (under my craft desk) and got on with the project.

I had to twist the back off an earring and use some pliers to remove the hardware from a pin, but everything else took about 30 seconds.

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