Wednesday, May 16, 2012


These plates are just beautiful. The colors are rich, the patterns are rich and lovely. Why were they as-is? Weeeellll...You can barely see it from the photo, but the top plate has this line going across it. It's a crack. Not a little hairline one, a fairly significant one. So significant that I will be able to break it completely in half by putting very little pressure on it.

The one on the bottom isn't as bad. But it's close. Which is good, because I keep buying plates for projects and I can't bring myself to break them apart. These are already broken.

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  1. i love the colors of your plates :)

  2. Very pretty. What will you make?

  3. They are very pretty plates. After you brake them, what will you use them for? Nice visiting. You are a new one far me.

  4. The plates are so thick I think they would make awkward necklaces. So I think I'm going to make bracelets.