Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Groucho and Clover

I'm in clover! Glass clovers to be exact. I don't know the original purpose. I wish I knew. I'm going to use them for snack trays. My husband's friends play poker, maybe I can slip them into the man cave decor.

The Groucho books are all for me though. I can't wait to read what he thought about his own times. Celebrity autobiographies are among my favorite books. We already think that we know them, I want to know what we missed.

Mickey Rooney's autobiography is one of the best. Katherine Hepburn and George Burns also write some great things. My most recent favorite was Micheal J. Fox's Lucky Man. He is some kind of amazing.


  1. I think the clover glass is great as are the books on Groucho! Enjoy them! :)

  2. Yes definitely slip them into the man cave, they are great by the way. Thanks for linking up at Cap Creations.

  3. Thanks guys! He caught me though. I think I'll just save them for BBQs in the summer. I have a whole bunch of infused sea salts that I can put in them.

  4. The clovers you found are adorable. They are for holding peanuts or mints for card players when seated at card tables. I've seen them in all the shapes, hearts, diamonds and spades. Card clubs and couples getting together to play cards at home were huge after WWII.

    1. Good thing that's what I had in mind for them! I just saw another set of four in all suits the other day, but liked these better. Thank you

  5. Cute clovers! I'm a sucker for celebrities' autobiographies too. Hopefully I can find good books at thrift stores! ヅ

    P.S. Hi Trudy! Thanks for your cool comment on our blog. Count us as your newest followers. Let's stay connected! 乂⍲‿⍲乂


  6. The clovers are cute! I also pick up amber glass for my mother-in-law when I see it :)