Monday, March 26, 2012

Yogurt for breakfast

I am lactose-intolerant. It really sucks. I used to love milk, cheese and yogurt, but no more. I still miss them, and sometimes eat a bit of cheese, but my New Years resolution was to stop eating things that make me sick. So no more cheese, no more yogurt. No more anything. If you have ever tried to be dairy free, you will realize what a challenge this is. If you haven't, start checking labels of things you can't even imagine would contain milk. Like granola. And cereal. Baileys, and cream stout beers....

It sucks. So I was very excited to see this coconut milk yogurt the other day. Coconut milk and coconut milk ice cream are soooo good, I couldn't wait to try this. I stopped at Wawa to get a coffee, I came in to work a little early so I could sit down and savor my breakfast. I opened my yogurt and gave it a stir. Sipped my coffee and took a little mouthful of the worst yogurt I have ever tasted in my life.

I had such hopes. It tasted like it was sour, but it was well within it's sell by dates. Maybe it wasn't so bad...I stirred it a few more times, tasted it again. I sighed. It really was that terrible. I threw it away and had my peanut butter and jelly for breakfast instead.

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