Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bank On It

I always prefer to buy items that I can use. These are purely decorative.

There is a lot of history in these. They were probably marketing items put out by banks. The green one actually says 1st National Bank on it, the owl only has Wise Old Owl on the bottom, so no idea of it's origin. Banks would send out these items to get you to come in to the bank. One of the most popular products was the savings 'book'-bank. You would get this little book-shaped metal safe. The front cover usually had the name of the bank on the inside and a small ledger so you could record your savings. You could not open this by yourself. The bank had the key, so you had to go there to retrieve your money.

These would have to be broken to retrieve your money. Which would just be a shame.

Real wisdom would have been to have a plug on the bottom! I may be able to fix that.

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