Monday, November 28, 2011

Sliced Corks and Traffic

As you know, I have a terrible fondness for owls. This little guy is terribly ugly in such a cute way I just had to have him. Thinking about spray painting him some kind of interesting color.

The corks are going to a jewelry project. I just need backings for them. I have some corks all made up already and they look just great. My friend knows someone who runs a restaurant and asked them to save some corks too, but they end up with all those plastic ones. It's just not the same.
And you would think that with all those corks, a couple would fit on these vessels here, but they don't. Still looking for corks. Maybe the transparent green one will fit an olive oil spout.

I have decided that until January, unless I am already out side the home coming to or from work, I'm going to stay inside and hibernate. The traffic is horrible. And all my thrift stores are along major shopping routes.

So even more curtailed shopping to come.

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