Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sometimes I Just Buy Books

Sometimes the best things I find are readable. Sometimes nothing I find is any good. Sometimes, but not often, I walk out without anything.

Today, I got books. But...

My goodness. This desk started calling to me. I can't believe I left it behind. I want this desk sooo bad that it was painful to walk out without it.

I can't afford more furniture. I don't have anywhere to put new furniture. But I really want it. Solid construction. All working drawers, all the knobs. Would this work for a hall table? I have a vestibule that needs something in it. I could make it my potting table.

But my husband would kill me for buying it. Because we're poor. And even a $30 table is still a $30 table I don't really need.

So today I just bought books.

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